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Higher education in Latvia is an excellent choice for students who want to get higher education at an affordable cost in the EU. Everyone knows that the Baltic states are very well integrated into the EU compared to other CIS countries. Today they are developed European countries that are part of the EU and NATO. Latvian Education meets all the conditions of standard education in the EU.

Including all the visible advantages of European education, in Latvia there are several additional advantages, thanks to the Soviet past of this state. A large number of residents of Latvia speak Russian, which means that it is much easier for an Uzbek to adapt. Residents of Latvia are good citizens of the Republic of Uzbekistan. Along with economic and geographical advantages, Latvian studies are an excellent choice for applicants from Uzbekistan.

Advantages of Latvian studies

1. Admission after grade 11. Pupils who graduated from school in Uzbekistan have the opportunity to immediately study at Latvian institutes. All cases on the legalization of Uzbek certificates on secondary education. Latvian educational institutions undertake education. The documentation is sent to the Center for Academic Information by the Ministry of Education and Science of Latvia by the university administration.

2. Education in Latvia is possible in English and Latvian. It is more preferable for students from Uzbekistan to study in English, because European education in English has advantages. After completing your studies at the institute, you will have not only an EU diploma, but also knowledge of at least four foreign languages: Uzbek, Russian, Latvian and English. In addition, teaching the Latvian language at the institute is free.

3. Admission to Latvian institutes without exams. You will not need to take entrance exams. It will be enough to pass two main tests: English and social sciences. If you do not speak English at the required level, or knowledge of natural sciences is not sufficient, this does not mean that it is not possible to get a higher education in Latvia. You only need to take special preparatory courses at the institute. Exceptions are creative, medical specialties and architectures. Here you still need to take entrance exams.

4. Language proficiency requirements are not stringent. Satisfactory is 4.0 according to IELTS or even passing a special test at the Institute for English proficiency.

5. Diplomas of institutes in Latvia are recognized in all EU countries. Graduates of Latvian institutes can be employed throughout the EU.

6. The price of Latvian education is the lowest in the EU. Studying at the prestigious Institute of Latvia costs about two or three thousand euros per year. The geographical location near Russia and good transport links also increase the attractiveness of the Latvian education.

Features of higher education in Latvia. Popular specialties.

The Latvian economy is focused on logistics, tourism, banking and the food industry. 70 percent of the Latvian gross domestic product is provided by the service sector. This dictates the focus of Latvian higher education and is the main criterion for choosing a specialty. 8 ports and a large percentage of the transport sector in the structure of GDP (14 percent) provide the attractiveness of training in the logistics field.

Latvian tourism and the large number of tourists in this country make attractive not only tourism specialties, but also specialties related to project management and business administration. The institutes in this country are distinguished by their business incubators, in which, under the supervision of professional teachers and business practitioners, young businessmen are literally trained, capable of not only occupying themselves, but also providing jobs. Education in the EU is designed so that the student receives not only theoretical knowledge, but also practical knowledge.

State and independent universities in Latvia

You can study in Latvia in independent and state institutes. Unfortunately, there is no free Latvian education for citizens of other countries, but the cost of education in Latvia remains the lowest in the EU. The cost of education in an independent or state institute is not much different. Therefore, choosing an institution should not be based on the cost of training, but according to the educational program.

Admission to Latvian institutes

In order to enter the Latvian Institute, you need:

  • Have a full secondary education
  • At least 4.0 IELTS
  • Correctly and on time submit the documentation and pass the necessary tests.

Employment of graduates of Latvian institutes

The bulk of graduates of Latvian institutes get jobs in the EU and Scandinavian countries. The location in the vicinity of Norway, Sweden and Denmark significantly increases the possibility of getting work for graduates of institutes in Latvia.

In addition, it is important to know that Latvian education provides many opportunities for building your business in the EU. Mainly this statement applies to students of business incubators.

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