Would you like to study a bachelor's program in the Republic of China with a grant?

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Would you like to study a bachelor's program in the Republic of China with a grant?

Take advantage of the opportunities that China offers to international students and become a student through us.

There are several options for free Chinese language courses in China, especially at universities and cultural institutions. Here are a few suggestions:

Confucian Institutes:

Many countries, including China, have Confucius Institutes that offer Chinese language courses. These institutions are affiliated with the Chinese government and are often located in universities or cultural centers. They provide language courses and cultural programs. You can check if there is a Confucius Institute near your location in China.

Chinese universities:

Some Chinese universities offer free or low-cost Chinese language courses, especially for international students. Check with the universities in the city where you live to see if they have language programs.

Local community centers:

Many cities in China have community centers or cultural exchange organizations that offer language courses. They may not be as formal as university programs, but they can be a good opportunity to learn basic conversation skills.

Online platforms and applications:

Some online platforms and apps offer free Chinese language courses. Although these are not private lessons, they can be a convenient and flexible way to learn the language at your own pace. Websites like Duolingo, HelloChinese, etc. may have free resources.

Language exchange programs:

Participating in language exchange programs can also be a way to learn Chinese for free. You can find language exchange partners through local universities, community councils, or online platforms where you can meet Chinese speakers who want to share your language.

Public Libraries:

Public libraries in China sometimes offer language learning resources and may organize language learning events or workshops. Check with your local library for available resources or programs.

Volunteer Opportunities:

Some organizations or language schools may offer free Chinese lessons in exchange for your volunteer work. This could be an opportunity to learn the language while contributing to a community project.

When looking for free language courses, it's a good idea to check program availability and requirements with the specific institution or organization offering the program. Please note that some programs may have eligibility criteria and the availability of free courses may vary by location.

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