Siz Toshkent shahrida joylashganmisiz ?
At the moment, we work closely with such countries as Canada, USA, England, Malta, Hungary, Germany, Czech Republic, South Korea, China, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, Poland, Latvia, Turkey etc. The detailed information you can get in our office.
No one can give a 100% chance of obtaining a visa, since the embassy of a country is an independent organization. But, relying on our many years of experience in preparing the necessary documents, we boldly assert that in 91% of cases our candidates receive a visa.
Sure. We work with prestigious universities that are willing to accept students from Uzbekistan without IELTS. To do this, you will need to pass an online interview with a representative of the university.
The amount includes: • Language courses • Accommodation • Three meals a day • Tickets to all cultural and entertainment places • Insurance The amount does not include: • Air ticket • Consular fee • Company fee
Each university, at the time of issuing scholarships, puts attention to your assessments received at the lyceum/college/university, as well as on having certificates in the field of education or sports. But the main role in obtaining scholarships is your IELTS/TOPIK score. Scholarships are issuing in the following way: • IELTS 5.5/6.0 — 30/50% • IELTS 6.5/7.0 — 50/70% • IELTS 7.5/8.0 — 70/100%
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